Big SisterTilden Project Nepal was founded in 2001 by Chris Brewer and Zarina Subhan-Brewer whilst working as Teacher Trainers for Voluntary Services Overseas (VSO) in 28 schools in the Syangja region of Nepal. When they heard of the death of their close friend Tilden Revell in a road accident, Chris and Zarina decided to dedicate to his memory a library they were setting up at Sarbodaya Secondary School in Aruchour in the Syangja region of Western Nepal.

The £500 sent by Tilden’s family from his savings provided far more than the necessary library books.

In February 2003, Tilden’s Aunt – Patricia Prior Burnett, died suddenly. Her sons wanted her memorial fund of £900 to be used to help the development work commenced in Tilden’s name.

Thus Tilden Project Nepal was born.

Having experienced how much can be achieved with a modest sum of money, Tilden’s family and friends were determined to continue with this creative work in Tilden’s memory, in a place he planned to visit and in ways he himself would have approved.

In 2006 Tilden Project Nepal gained Registered Charity status. It is now run from the UK by a group of seven Trustees. In 2008 Tilden Project Nepal was registered in Nepal and is administered locally by an executive committee and an advisory committee.

In 2009, Joanna Lumley generously agreed to be Patron of the Tilden Project Nepal.

I am proud to be a Patron of this beautiful little charity” – Joanna Lumley

Every penny donated to Tilden Project Nepal goes directly to the work in Aruchour.

All administration costs are met by Tilden’s family.

Current Work Central to Aims of Tilden Project Nepal

  • Nursery education: provision and funding of Andrew and Patricia Nurseries (for 3-5 year olds)
  • Smokeless stove scheme: employing local craftsmen and women to install and maintain a simple smokeless stove in all 800 homes in Aruchour
  • Now extended to neighbouring villages of Rapakot and Panchamol.
  • Funeral shelter: providing materials for villages to build shelters where bereaved families can gather. Previously families had to walk and carry the dead for 5 hours across rough terrain to a suitable site
  • Ensuring all schools in the village have proper toilets, including separate facilities for boys and girls

Continuing Work Of Tilden Project Nepal

  • Scheme to provide more light to village school classrooms
  • Resourcing Tilden Project Library
  • Library service to all schools via a tin trunk exchange system
  • Employing a librarian to review, administer and develop the library service
  • Essential building repairs

Work Completed In Earlier Years

  • New fresh water supply for Ghante School provided in 2010 – 500 children had previously been without drinkable water
  • New building providing classrooms for years 1 and 2 at Sarbodaya School
  • Improving outside play facilities at primary schools
  • Women’s literacy programmes
  • Reference books provided for local health care workers
  • Water supply at Sarbodaya Secondary School repaired to prevent recurrence of typhoid