Buildings Repair and Improvements

  • New building for Sarbodaya Secondary School providing classrooms for years 1 and 2
  • Building separate sex toilets for Junior Schools
  • Playground and boundary wall built for Junior School and Andrew Nursery
  • Cupboards, boot racks and desks financed by TPN and made by local craftsman from local materials
  • Roofing panels – part of scheme to provide more light to school classrooms
  • In 2009 we built new toilets for Ghante school and constructed a new fresh water supply system. Previously the 500 pupils had not had access to drinking water.
Extra classrooms for Sarbodaya Secondary School

  • We have worked at many of the village schools but Sarbodoya is the home for our Library and the Patricia Nursery and is very much at the centre of our work. Two teachers at this school are on the Executive Committee and the Headmaster has done much to assist the work of the project.

  • The furniture was made from local materials and local carpenters were employed to make it.

Currently we are completing a further two roomed building at Buddha School which will house the Andrew Nursery, the original Andrew Nursery building will become the home of a new school library.