Aruchour after the 2015 Earthquakes

Currently the villagers are busy planting their crops and managing to keep safe and well during the monsoon.

As soon as the monsoon is over a big re-building programme will commence.

Although the villagers themselves had lucky escapes from the two earthquakes and the daily tremors that followed, their homes were not spared. 7 houses and 17 cattle sheds were completely destroyed and more than 700 houses suffered serious damage.

Thanks to our loyal supporters we have raised enough funds to rebuild the 7 houses and all the cattle sheds. We now need more money to help with the vital repair work to the damaged houses. We are currently gathering information as to the potential cost, but are acutely aware from early assessments that we will be looking at estimates ranging from £250 to £1,000 per house. Even at the lowest estimate we would need at least £175,000 minimum.

We are busy seeking out potential funders, but we need all the help you can give us!

Watch this space for updates and ideas!