There was no provision for 3-5 year olds in Aruchour, so in April 2006 Tilden Project Nepal opened Patricia Nursery. The nursery was named after Tilden’s Aunt Patricia, who was a trained nursery nurse and supporter of the Tilden Project Library until her death in 2003.

It was the first nursery in the area and has now been running successfully since 2006.

The Nursery has three benefits:

* offering pre-school children valuable stimulation and preparation for primary school

* enabling older girls to attend school rather than caring for their younger siblings at home

* providing a daily meal to counteract malnourishment and ease poverty.

The Nursery is housed in buildings that are part of Sarbodaya School – the largest secondary school in the village and also provides employment for three women who have no other work opportunities.

We have two rooms for the children to play, learn and rest in; the third small room serves as a kitchen for preparation of the daily meal – tiffin.